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Saturday, November 15th, 2008
10:27 pm

I got tired of life sometimes (well..... actually most of the time). I don't feel like I like what I'm doing anymore. I feel I want to quit school or at least take a year or a quarter off. But, I don't have the ball to tell my parents or my friends bout it. Sometimes, it's just feel very tired to need to be sooooo organized, planning ahead, doing various different things at once, meeting new people, researching about gradschool, studying for final and midterm, hanging out with people, etc, etc, etc. I know this complain might seems very random for those who have even more things to juggle with their life. I'm sorry for you because you have to see this post. Well, sometimes, I think about how wonderful it is if I can live in a time when life is not as hectic now. You know, time when communication is done using pen and paper and when internet does not exist. Time when life seems soooooo much simpler. I wish I can get out of my life sometimes.

Tuesday, July 15th, 2008
10:41 pm
I did another stupid mistake in the lab today. Basically, I do protein expression with 2 different types of protein. Those two types look the same. I can only tell them apart because there's a label on it. When I transferred the protein to another container, I FORGOT to label them. I told the person that I worked for and she was not mad but she said we won't be able to use it anymore. I was really really really sad about it because this protein is the first protein that I grow by myself. I cannot stop thinking about it. Even worse, I have to go to work tomorrow. Hopefully, everything will be better by then. I am totally freak out right now....... Well....... I'll just see what will happen. Hopefully I'll be fine.
Friday, May 2nd, 2008
6:50 pm

Did a presentation for lab today. I feel really bad though 'cause I was very under-prepared. I wasn't able to answer most of the questions. In fact, I was preparing for totally wrong sets of questions (not that I'll know what will be asked). I feel even worse because the people in my lab keep saying that I did a good job even though I only answered less then 50% of the questions. 
Oh...... I wished I could turn back the time and prepare more for it.............

Well........ On the flip side, I'm done with my presentation and my paper. I can finally sleep and watch some movie........

Current Mood: exhausted
Saturday, December 16th, 2006
2:51 am
Explanation please.....
Hey..... I have just finished watching Rokkakumyu and I'm totally AMUSED with all of the song and the "movement." I think some of them are too .... (dunno how to put it. I think my mind is too full of yaoi stuff). I just want to know... what's the meaning of "forward my man"? Where can that phrase come from? Is it a common phrase in English speaking country? Or the people who make tenimyu just create them? Please tell me something about it cause neither english nor japanese is my mother language.
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